Are you looking for a big camping tent that you and your family can enjoy the great outdoors camping together with some of the comfort’s you find at home? Then you have come to the right place. Scrolling below are 25 big camping tents you can view quick and easy. Simply click on the tent you wish to view.

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Camping is a excellent activity to spend time together with family and friends. And just because your roughing it in the great outdoors doesn’t mean it has to be rough.

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Now for those of you who like to have your camping experience on wheels… we understand a big camping tent just might not be your idea of comfort. No problem, we want everyone to be a happy camper no matter how you roll so we got you covered. For all your RV needs you’ll find everything at Camping World.

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So Many Tent’s Which One Do I Choose?

There is a wide variety of family camping tents available to you and they come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it be a single man, two, four, six man or a big camping tent for 8 or more people the choice in which tent to buy is just a personal preference of comfort  really.  A ten man tent for you and your family may fit you perfectly while that same tent may be over kill or to small for others.

So with so many to choose from, which one is the right family tent for you and your family? We can help you narrow your search down a bit. First lets look at shapes and sizes.

4 Basic Shape’s

There are four basic shapes to a camping tent. There’s the standard A-Frame been around for ever shape. Ancient times to the present, from small one man tents to larger size’s for multiple purpose use it’s still going strong.

Similar to an A frame tent is the Wall Tent, which is a A-frame tent just with four walls. This style of tent is commonly used by people who spend a lot of time living outdoors like hunters. These tents come small enough for a couple of people or large enough for a mess hall to feed an army. Great tent for a base camp setting.

One of the most commonly used tents for family camping is the Umbrella Tent. One of the advantages of this style of a big camping tent is it’s head room, a 6′ 5″ man or woman can stand straight up. They have large windows for great ventilation and a rain fly over the top to keep you and your gear nice and dry if it starts raining on your fun.

The Geodesic or Dome Tent comes in many shapes, kind of reminds you of your geometry classes in school with the connecting triangles and all.

Dome Tents

Size Does Matter!

They say size doesn’t matter… well then they obviously weren’t talking about a big camping tent! Size does matter… it’s the difference between having a memorable time or miserable time. It all boils down to what your comfort level is. Speaking of comfort you can bring your own electricty with these…

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Let me ask you this, “If you have a large family why would you want to go through the frustration of feeling like a bunch of sardines crammed into the wrong size tent?” Trust me on this… when it comes to large families and camping tents, Bigger is Better! A large family camping tent can have multiple rooms, some believe it or not have closets much like your own home, while others look like a home. 

Maybe you need a tent that has a room for Mom and Dad, a room for the kids, another room for all your stuff. 

Are you the neat and tidy type, don’t like clutter? Some large family tents have inside and outside walls that can be used to store all your gear and then still have room left over.

No matter what size camping tent you need to match your comfort level, you’ll find it at The Big Camping Tent Store and More.


Most camping tents are rated 3 season tents… which simply means you can comfortably use them pretty much all year long, spring, summer and fall. A 4 season tent is better design to handle the harsher winter climate and all it brings…. cold, wind, rain, storms, snow etc.

Here’s a big tip when you are trying to decide on which tent to buy. Where are you going to be camping and what is the climate like? Warm, cold, windy, frequent rain or showers all things to take into consideration as you have seen all tents are not created equally.

If you are camping in an area with a hot climate you want a tent with good ventilation, lot’s of windows. An area where it rains out of the blue you will want a good strong tent that handles both wind and rain.

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5 things to Consider when buying a Big Camping Tent

Here are some common sense things to consider when shopping for a big camping tent. Plus one or two you might not have thought about.

1. How many sardines… uh excuse me, that’s people are going to be sleeping in the tent?

2. How long are you going to be camping?
Don’t want to start getting claustrophobic or suffering from cabin fever from a tent that’s to small.

3. How tall are you and how tall is the tent at it’s peak?
You would be surprised at how many people never even take this into consideration when buying a tent.

4. How many rooms the tent has and how much privacy you get from one tent room to the next.

5. Do you have pets?
Big camping tents make it even more comfortable to take your pets along with you. After all they are family too.

One stop shopping is just a click away for all your camping needs at the Big Camping Tent and More Store.


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